How to Tell If a Guy is Using You! Here is How to Tell Before You End Up Being Taken Advantage Of

Published: 05th August 2010
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If you have been dating a guy for quite sometime now and you are having second thoughts if your guy's feelings for you are real, then they probably aren't, otherwise you wouldn't have any doubts. In order to become even more convinced that your guy may be using you, here are some things you can check out.

You should think of possible motives
You are the best person to know if it is possible that your man has other motives of dating you. For instance, your dad is the boss in his company. If this is the case, you can say that it is likely that he is just using you.

He easily tells you that he loves you
When you have just been dating for two weeks or less and then he says that he loves you a lot and he can't live without you, you should begin thinking if he is lying. It would take at least months of trying to get to know the other person before you can actually say you are actually in love - that's a fact.

He doesn't exert any effort to be with you
If your guy really loves you, he would do anything just to spend time with you. If your man can stand weeks, or even months without making an effort to be with you, this is enough reason for you to believe that he does not care for you - at all.

He is always making excuses not to pay
He is using you when you notice that every time the two of you go out, there are more times that you actually pay for your meals or your movie tickets. When you always hear him say that he does not have money when you two go out, but you see him buying all kinds of things for himself, then he might be with you because of his interest in your cash.

You caught him lying several times
Try to think of the reason why he is still dating you, especially if you caught him lying so many times. If he lies about where he is, what he is doing, or even why he cannot make it to your date, then it is time to wake up and accept that this guy is in this for something else.

He is still checking out other girls, even when you are already going out with him
This guy shouldn't be looking at other girls if he really loves you. If you look great and yet he still looks at other women, then it is time to start thinking what he is using you for.

He laughs when you hint a future with him
When you suddenly talk about the future and he laughs at the idea of it, then you are just someone he is using in the meantime. He might just like the idea of having you as his girlfriend for the time being.

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