How to Tell a Guy You Like Him! Here Are the Most Effective Ways to Tell a Guy You Like Him

Published: 01st September 2010
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If you have been silently throwing mental rose petals on a guy from the corner of the room then you should tell him that you like him, unless you want him to walk away in the arms of another girl.

Use these moves to tell the guy of your dreams that he is welcome to turn them into reality.

Let your eyes start the fireworks. You can warm your guy from afar for a start. When you observe him looking towards you, give him a look that indicates interest but not desperation. You should then pause that look for a few seconds, slip out a smile and then look away.

Remain confident. Although butterflies might be flying around in your stomach, make sure that you remain confident and smiling whilst talking to him. Guys do not like giggly or desperate girls but do get attracted to confident girls.

Match your interests. You should try finding out as to what interests him when you engage in small talk. If your interests match up then it could be just a simple sentence such as "Oh, so you love to visit museums too! Maybe we could visit the XYZ museum together" to set the ball rolling.

Laugh at his jokes. If the guy too is also enamored with you then he might try to use humor to impress you. By laughing at all his laughable jokes, you will clearly indicate to him that you like him.

You can also lean forward while laughing and hold on lightly to his arm. It is an old trick that always works since it is a neon sign to guys that girls like them when they laugh and lean towards them.

Surprise him with a walk to a park. If you are in the process of going somewhere together then you could suggest a diversion or a shortcut through a park. Whilst walking together, you could hold on to his hand and this move will not even require words as he too might lovingly clasp your hand.

Get movie tickets. You can book 2 tickets for a light, humorous, and romantic movie, and inform him. If he does not flinch and instead looks pleased then you can easily tell him that you like him during the movie itself.

Say it directly on his face. If you have been friends for a while and you get positive vibes from him then simply kill the tension by saying that you like him directly on his face. He might be surprised but most probably would be pleasantly pleased, especially if he was too shy to tell you the same in the first place.

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