How to Tell a Guy That You Like Him - 3 Easy Tricks Which Will Get Him Hooked to You Quick!

Published: 06th August 2010
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You want to tell a guy that you like him. But your biggest fear is that he will reject you when you do tell him, or worse. So how do you tell a guy that you like him, without having it blow up in your face after?

You see, there is literally a proven method for this very situation which will show you exactly how to tell a man exactly how you feel, but it will also make him feel the same way about you too. Read on to find out 3 easy tricks which will tell him that you like him and get him hooked in one....

Send him mixed signals This is the best way to 'test the waters', because if you directly approach him with your feelings you risk being rejected. But, if you send mixed signals, you will force him to question whether he likes you on his own.

What this means, is that you suggest that you may like him through your actions one minute, but also reject him and act cold the next. He will begin to wonder "hey...does she like me?" and his curiosity will become stronger. He will want to find out more, and in the process will also like you more, because you are creating a chase.

The mixed signal approach makes a man value you more than if you were to simply tell him directly, because it makes him work for your time and attention, and also lets him become curious and interested in you more naturally (on his own). This is better than the pressure he would feel if you were to simply tell him outright that you like him.

Make him jealous Once again, the best way to tell a man that you like him is to actually test the waters with his feelings first, by seeing how he reacts to you. If you can make a man jealous, then most definitely he likes you, and you can easily tell him you like him after that point, without ever being rejected.

To make him jealous, all you have to do is start getting close or flirtatious with one of his male friends or colleagues. If you notice him growing irritated, moody, or even giving you the silent treatment after that point, it is because he is jealous. He may not say it, but the fact that he is acting strange after that point means he is bothered.

Men will not tell you when they are jealous, but rather show it by acting coldly towards you or by arguing with you, seemingly without a cause or a reason. So if he reacts this way, you know that you have him hooked already, and have also hooked him in more by instilling the idea that he may lose you if he doesn't ask you out soon.

Tease him If you are able to be flirtatious around him, and if you are able to joke around with him by teasing him (without him becoming offended), this means he likes you. But, if you want to tell a man that you like him in return, respond and react to him when you are around him by teasing him and getting playful with him.

This naturally tells him that you enjoy his company, are compatible, and further more that you like him. You can elevate this and really tell him just how much you like him by becoming flirtatious, and more intimate with the teasing so that he knows you are attracted to him. If he responds positively to that, it also means that he too is attracted to you.

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