How to Tell a Guy Friend That You Like Him - 3 Rejection-Proof Methods to Tell Him You Like Him!

Published: 06th August 2010
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Most women do not know how to tell a guy friend that they like him. Sadly, what USUALLY happens is a woman will tell a man she likes him, and immediately he will pull away and suddenly he's not talking to her anymore. She wonders where she went wrong and how he could suddenly act so cold, and feeling rejected she chases him more....only to end up heart broken.

So what is the best way to tell a guy you like him, so that you don't get rejected? Read on to find out the rejection proof methods of how to tell a guy friend that you like him....

Send Him Secret Notes - Secretly make up flirtatious notes telling him that you like him, but DO NOT tell him that you are the one sending them. Instead, watch his reaction, and see if he is interested in them. If he is, then you know he is open to a relationship in the first place, but if he reacts by saying that whoever is sending them is a freak or worse, then quite obviously you have a conflict of interest, because your way of expressing interest in him is not being received very well.

Just imagine if you were to actually tell that to him in real life (get flirtatious), and have him react would be devastating, which is why it's always better to test things out with him first before you jump into telling him flat out that you like him.

Play Hard To Get - Did you know that men absolutely love a woman who is not easy to have (men love a challenge)? Having been his friend for a while, he is taking you for granted, and therefore finds you rather easy to have. To combat this, you need to start playing hard to get.

This means that you should act cold to him in some things, and flirtatious in others. This sends him mixed signals where he starts to think you like him, but at the same time will become extremely curious towards you because he will try to figure out if you do like him or not.

In the end, you need to assess how you want to play hard to get, so that you don't damage your relationship or make him mad, but at the same time can be a bit playful and see his reaction as he grows more attracted to you.

Get Close With His Best Friend If he has a male best friend, openly get close to that friend, in a flirtatious and suggestive manner. Since he is so used to having you all to himself, he will become jealous when he has to compete for your time and attention with his other friend.

This will force him to like you beyond the friendship zone, because he will see another man being interested in you, and will feel like he is losing you to someone else. This will scare him and in turn will make him want you even more.

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