How to Tease a Man & Get Him Strongly Attracted to You? Here is What You Need to Read Right Now

Published: 05th August 2010
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Teasing a man is a great way to build attraction and trigger desire. It is an integral part of the seduction process and is a thing that all must lean. Here are a few ways with which you can tease a man and be sugar and spice at the same time.

Be a saucy dresser
Begin your teasing session by dressing in a very sweet yet saucy manner. Your clothes should aptly reflect your personality so choose with care. Make sure that you are comfortable in whatever you are wearing. Complement your clothes with beautiful skin and gorgeous sweet smelling hair.

Be sexy
Sexy is what your mantra should be. Now sexy is not always defined by the smoking hot babes that we see in the movies. It is an attitude and a state of mind. When you want to tease him be sexy in the way you look, reveling a little and leaving a lot to the imagination.

Smell divine
Smelling great also plays a great part in teasing a man. When you smell great then he wants to come closer to you and wants to touch you and smell you more. But he can't do least not now. Wear a seductive scent and see him go bonkers for you.

Work your body language to your advantage
Your body language is the non verbal communicator that you need to master to your advantage in order to tease a man. Wear a low neckline and lean towards him and talk. Got a short hemline then cross and uncross your legs with style and grace and catch his attention. There is a lot that you can do, go with the flow and enjoy yourself.

Talk naughty
Men get intensely excited when the woman that they are with talks naughty. Talking naughty means using wit and double meanings to spice up your conversation with him. That shows your bold nature and he immediately gets hooked but doesn't really know what to do.

Steady eye contact
Keep your eye contact steady with him. In fact, once in a while look deeply at him and when he catches you looking at him drop your eyes and give him an embarrassed and naughty smile. He will be dying to know what was going on in your mind when you were looking at him. Don't tell him just yet.

Get close
Increase the proximity between the two of you but always be a tad out of reach. Like move in close to whisper a secret in his ear and let him feel your breath but move away just as he turns to you.

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