How to Talk to a Shy Guy? Here is What You Need to Know in Order to Talk to a Shy Guy

Published: 06th August 2010
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Perhaps you are ready for something different than the cocky guy who always gets the girl. Maybe the swagger has become too much. Or maybe you have seen a quiet guy who is even cuter because he keeps to himself. This is when you need to know about ways to talk to a shy guy.

Make the First Move - Remember that he may like you too and want to desperately talk to you. If he is too shy to approach you, then you need to get the ball rolling by making the first move. Simply saying hi and asking how he is doing are good ways to start. Do not be overly pushy, loud, or too inquisitive. Making small talk is a good icebreaker.

Ask for His Number - If you are unsure whether you will see him again, you may need to go ahead and get his number. Offer small flirtations but do not be too forward. If you give him your number, he may be too shy to call.

Continue the Talk - After you start to talk on the phone every now and then, make sure to let him know that you look forward to your talks together. Find out about his interests and maybe hint that an event is coming up that you should attend together.

Touch Him - Guys like to be touched just like women do. This includes soft, subtle, and sensual touches. With a shy guy, you can lightly lay your hand on his shoulder after a couple of dates; you may even feel that it is okay to hold his hand. Do not push; he is bound to gain confidence and take the reins the more patient you are.

First Dates Should Be Private and Low Key - Movies at home or quiet dinners in out of the way places are most likely the way to get him to feel comfortable to venture out more.

Compliments - All men like to be complimented; you just may have to take a softer approach with your shy guy. Compliment his new jacket, or tell him that he smells really good.

Show Interest and Offer Him the Chance to Take Control - Continue to show that you like him and want to get closer. Give him the opportunity to rescue you. Tell him you need help with a small home project or that you want advice on the best grill.

If the shy guy is the one you want, you can snag him by playing it slow and steady.

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