How to Talk to a Shy Guy - 3 Exclusive Tips Which Will Make a Shy Guy Open Up to You Instantly

Published: 06th August 2010
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If you want to know how to talk to a shy guy, the very first step is to understand WHY he is shy. You see, many people may misinterpret shyness as a lack of confidence, being stupid, or even being rude....whereas in reality a shy guy may simply be introverted or may be afraid of the very same thing you are: rejection.

In the end, these 3 exclusive tips can give you the insight you need to finally know how to talk to a shy guy, and once you implement them, you will get him to open up to you instantly...

Tip #3: Boost His Self Esteem - While not always true, many men are actually shy because they have a low self esteem. They are afraid to openly express themselves or and are less confident in general, because they may have been rejected in the past or may have a few insecurities.

The fact is: everyone has insecurities, BUT if you can make a man less insecure about himself, he will open up to you. So throw him a few compliments, and tell him exactly what you like about him and why. Even challenge him to open up more by complimenting his strong areas which in turn gives him the confidence to be more open and speak to you more often as well.

Tip #2: Remove Fear By Being Direct - Men who are shy, fear rejection so much that they don't approach women at all, and may even pull away if an attractive woman approached them. Therefore, it's not that shy guys don't find YOU attractive, but rather they may be thinking that you are either too good for them, or may have the idea that women like you don't date men like them.

But, as long as he has this fear, he will always shy away and will be difficult to talk to, thus, you will want to help get rid of his fear by directly approaching him and asking him to go out sometime. If you were to do the opposite (flirt, strike up conversations once in a while etc....) he may think you are playing games with him and will wonder what you really want.

That is why it is extremely important to be direct, so that he does not get the chance to become doubtful or think of reasons to say no. In the end, when you are direct they prefer it more, especially if they are an introvert, because they prefer those who "get to the point" rather than those who just "beat around the bush".

Tip #1: Let Him Choose - Since shyness is either low confidence or introversion, until you know otherwise the best way to get him to talk to you is to simply let him choose. Ask him what he's interested in and if he'd like to do something together, but let him pick the activity. Getting to know what a shy guy is interested in is the quickest way to getting them to open up to you and talk to you more, and even better is to ask him if he'd like to do something sometime but playfully let him know you'd be interested in doing anything he likes.

This puts less pressure on him, because you are letting him choose, whereas if you asked him to do something with you he may be scared of having to do something which may require a lot of social pressure (such as going to a nightclub, going on a dinner date, watching a movie together etc...) or expectation from your end.

But by leveraging on his likes and desires, you allow him to open up, because you remove the pressure of your expectations and prove to him that you are willing to accept him, rather than reject him.

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