How to Strongly Intensify a Man's Attraction Towards You? This Will Make Him Want You More & More

Published: 09th August 2010
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Every man is different. Some men prefer redheads, some men blonds. But on thing is for sure they love all women. But the trouble is how can you make yourself more appealing to them. To learn the tricks of the trade you need to be patient and follow these simple rules to have that man yearning for more.

Turn up the spice:

There is nothing wrong with a little heat in the bedroom. Spice things up a bit with some scented candles, nice warm body oils and some soothing music.

Eat your heart out

Nothing makes a man want you more If you know your way around the kitchen. I know it may sound a bit redundant, but like they always say, " A way to a man's heart is through his stomach. So become a pro in the kitchen.

Stand out in the crowd:

Be different. Don't try to blend in with what ever one else is doing. Always be yourself, If you are true to yourself you will find that you will have that man eating out of the palm of you hand.

Be a little bit aggressive:

Why wait for the man to come to you. Sometimes you may have to make that move to prove just how much you want him. If you show him that you are really into him he will respond in ways you never could imagine. Sometimes it's important for you to take the lead as well.

Glamour Natural Girl

Be glamorous, but at the same time be natural. Men love a woman who doesn't have to spend so much time doing their makeup, or who has to put on some many fake things that they have no clue what the real you look like.

Don't be to pushy

It's ok to be aggressive when it comes to wanting a man. But when you make a man start to feel less than masculine, and that you are the pursuer, he will quickly become turned off by you. It is very seldom that you will find a man who enjoys being pursued by a woman, but that is very rare.

Chilvary is alive and well:

It is ok to be a damsel in distress once in a while. Let the man come to your rescue. Men need to feel needed. They need to feel like you depend on them for things. Let him take charge sometimes & make him feel like he is in control.

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