How to Show a Man You Love Him! Here Are the Right Ways Every Woman Should Follow

Published: 01st September 2010
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This is one of the easiest things to do for some women and yet for others, one of the most difficult. Showing a man that you love him should come naturally from your heart. If you are trying too hard, chances are that he will be repulsed rather than charmed. These tips will show you how to make those three little words come alive!

"I love you" should mean more than just words
The meaning of these words should be proved by action. An action speaks much louder than words. If you don't walk your talk your man will know that the words are not from your heart. True love will come out from your inner self.

Show your man that you are proud of him
If you show your man that you appreciate him and are proud of belonging to him, he will feel loved and special. A woman who does not respect her man will not be able to keep him. A man needs to know that his opinions and thoughts count. Everyone is different and needs support.

Be affectionate
A man loves it when his woman is loving and affectionate. Hold your man's hand and show the world that you love belonging to him. Men love to be adored and petted. Give him attention and tell him you're thankful for his presence in your life.

Do special things for him
Your man will know that you really love him if you take the trouble to do little "special" things for him. Breakfast in bed or making his favorite dish, giving him a massage and even being extra romantic and sensual will show him how much you love him.

Give him your trust
Nothing proves to a man that you love him more than trust! Show your man that you trust him. Don't spy on him or stalk him. Try not to be too inquisitive about his activities. If you show him that you trust him he will always remain faithful.

Don't criticize or be sarcastic
You will make your man feel worthless and a loser if you start criticizing him. Even if he has screwed up you could let him know what you think gently without making the situation worse. It is clever women who can put forth her point without making her man feel like she is criticizing. Sarcasm can be belittling.

Be there in good times and bad
Don't show him that you are going to be supportive only when things work out. Your man should know that he can depend on you no matter what!

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