How to Show a Guy You're Interested in Him! Do it This Way and He Won't Reject You at All

Published: 06th August 2010
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Not all guys are able to read the signs you throw at them so you cannot just expect your guy to know about your feelings that easy. You need to use all kinds of signals in order for him to see how much you like him. If you are not bold enough to say that you like him, you can start off by telling him through your actions. Try doing all of these tips and see what happens next:

Be willing to spend time with him

You simply cannot express how you feel if you never spend time with your guy. Find ways to spend time with him, like invite him for breakfast once you see him in the office. Time with him is very crucial here as this is the only way you can get to know him more and show him you are interested.

Let him catch you staring at him

Let the guy know you cannot take your eyes off him. Of course, do not do this in a way that your stares look creepy and a little on the stalker side. Try throwing casual glances at him and pretend that you're embarrassed when he does catch you.

Never be the shy type, always talk to him

If you are the type who never starts conversations with guys, well it's about time that you change this. Always make it a point to converse with him for you to get to know him better and vice versa. This is an excellent way of expressing how you are interested in him and you want to know more about him.

Always flash a wonderful smile

Do not forget to bring out that smile every time he is around. Your smile will definitely lighten things up, plus, a smiling face is always a welcoming and comforting look.

Give him compliments every once in a while

Let out some of the compliments you've been dying to blurt out for quite some time now. Tell him how much you admire his outfit for the day or how great you think he was at his presentation this morning. Your appreciation will definitely boost his ego.

Text him and ask him about anything

Find any excuse in order that the two of you to still communicate even if you are not together. Think about something that you can ask him. It would be better if you could casually ask him how he is by sending him a text message.

Give him something he likes

Everyone loves getting gifts, even the simplest ones can bring a smile to anyone's face. Give your guy something he'll really appreciate. A thoughtful gift is better than an expensive one so get him something that will be useful to him.

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