How to Show a Guy That You're Interested in Him - 3 Fool Proof Methods to Show Him Your Feelings

Published: 06th August 2010
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Do you want to show a guy that you're interested in him, but you are scared that he may reject you? Do you like a close male friend, but don't want him to run away the minute you tell him how you really feel? Do you want to ask out that cute guy you keep seeing everywhere, but don't want to be rejected? You see, if you have feelings for another man, you don't actually have to be scared of rejecting or scared to tell him, because these 3 fool proof methods are rejection proof!

Read on to find out how to show a guy that you're interested in him....

Subtle Hints Work Best When Telling A Guy That You're Interested -

Sudden pressure can put a lot of stress on a man, which is why you should not abruptly tell him that you feel strongly towards him. What will happen then, is he will start to become scared of being locked on or of hurting you, and will become stressed trying to figure out what he wants.

Remember that you have had a lot of time to think about just how much you like him, but now you are presenting this very same idea to him for the very first time. Even if you have been friends for a very long time, this does not mean that he has been thinking about a relationship with you, as that is an entirely different matter. Therefore, use subtle hints, such as flirting softly with him and watch his response.

If he in turn becomes flirtatious as well, this means that he is interested in you.

Use Mimicking To Tell Him That You Like Him -

When two people like each other, they will naturally mimic each others' movements. For instance, if he smiles, you smile. If he is laughing, you laugh alongside him. This is a natural way to tell if someone is attracted to you, but is also a natural way to make them subconsciously attracted to you too.

All you have to do is positively matching his facial and bodily expressions whenever you are around him, alongside positively matching your own likes and dislikes to him. What will happen is he will notice that you do in fact have a lot in common and share similar tastes in things, and he will start to feel good around you.

He will then, on his own, start thinking about you and how he likes you, and will then try to find out if you like him just as much as he likes you.

Give Him a Chase

If you really want to know the true secret to captivating a man's heart and mind, it's simply to give him a chase. Men will automatically chase women who are not "too easy" for them to have, without even realizing it, because they subconsciously want something which is unique.

Men find challenging women to be unique, because these women make him work for their attention and time. He would understand it as this: "Gee! She really respects herself, and knows what she wants!"...and therefore would want you even more simply because you are giving him a chase rather than handing him what he wants.

In turn, you don't even have to tell him that you like him with this method, because he will be the one trying to tell YOU that he likes you!

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