How to Save Your Relationship With Your Girlfriend? Follow This Before It's Just Too Late For You

Published: 11th August 2010
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You know you have a good thing going! There is no way you want the relationship to breakup, but you can't ignore the facts either. If you are having doubts about your girlfriend and can sense a slow "pulling away" it could mean that you are heading for a breakup. However you can do certain things that can ensure saving your relationship. These tips can be very helpful.

Don't give up
Feeling low and discouraged because you sense your girlfriend is losing interest in you won't help. If you give up on the relationship you won't be able to save it. Your actions and words will prove whether you have hope or not. Be extra loving and caring towards her. Try to rekindle the flames of love and desire.

Understand what works in your relationship and what does not
By now you probably have realized what has caused the rift between the two of you. You are not so foolish to let it get worse are you? Take steps to get rid of the bad habits and attitudes that are causing her to lose interest in you. Take decisions that will help your relationship to work.

Listen to her and act upon it
It is most probably the fact that you have not been really listening to her side of the story. She has been trying to tell you things, give you signs and signals but you have been too busy with yourself and your feelings to be sensitive to hers. This is a sure way to widen the gap between you. Take time to listen to her and act accordingly.

A break is actually good at times
Did you know that a little time apart can actually teach you a lot? Besides she will know what it is to live without you. Make her miss you. Use this time apart to work on yourself so that the reunion will be something to cherish! You will learn to accept one another and value each other's presence.

Be accountable and responsible
When there is no accountability and responsibility, then the relationship truly suffers. As the man you should shoulder a fair share of the responsibility and be accountable for your actions. This will make her feel even more cherished and secure in the relationship.

Show appreciation
A girl likes to feel appreciated. How long has it been since you last complimented her and told her that you love her? Don't neglect her or take her for granted. It is a sure way to lose her love. On the other hand, showering her with compliments and little gestures and gifts to prove your love will delight her and make her want to stay in the relationship.

Build the trust and intimacy
Trust and intimacy form the foundation of a good and long relationship. As long as she knows that she can trust you to be there for her, to confide in and to share her joys and sorrows, she will love to be in the relationship.

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