How to Regain His Interest & Make Him Like You Once Again! This Will Get Him Interested Real Fast

Published: 09th August 2010
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One of the primary reasons why men lose interest in women they used to love is because these women have probably not shown enough appreciation or interest in them. Men have certain needs that women don't usually understand and vice versa. As women hold back their affection and appreciation, it gets too much for men, making them think that they're not enough. And so they seek the easy way out and simply lose interest.

Remember, it has been said in the past that "interested is interesting." Keeping a man interested, happy and loving is almost the same as pleasing him. If you have failed to do so in the past, this is the time to learn some lessons to regain his interest in you.

Make Yourself Physically Desirable

It may take some time for your man to remember your good inner qualities after the way you may have mistreated him. The quickest way for him to notice you again is to make yourself look attractive.

Know How and When to Apologize

Men are human beings too. They get hurt just like anybody. To regain his interest, make the first move to apologize.

Get Interested in the Things He Does or Likes

Men have obviously different hobbies and passions than most women. But if you start paying attention by listening when he shares stories about his work, or asking questions about movies and books he likes, it will give him a notion that you are interested in him as a person, and not just someone you can boss around or play around with.

Balance Between Being Needy and Independent

You don't want to be too needy nor too aloof or cold this time around. Know when to be there for him and know when to allow him some freedom when he needs it.

Rekindle Your Sex Life

As relationships grow old, women tend to be less interested in sex. At the very least, they just go through the motions and get over it. If you want to regain his interest in the bedroom, get yourself some nice lingerie and pump up your sex life.

Make New Habits

If you used to nag him in the past, now is the time to surprise him by doing the opposite. No matter how he sometimes frustrates you, be gentle and kind with your words. Showing how you've matured from before will entice him to get to know the new you.

Focus on the Present

If all else fails, focus on what you have and improve on it - yourself. Go on an adventure, learn a new language or skill, be enterprising, go out of your shell. Showing what an independent and interesting person you are may rekindle his interest in you once again.

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