How to Reconcile My Relationship When Ex Says He-She Moved on? Don't Worry! It's Not Too Late Yet

Published: 07th September 2010
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Though backing off when you have been told off under other situations is a good idea, this does not hold water in the relationship game. Because relationships are a little more complicated, you need to work harder to make them work, especially after a break up.

It is obvious that your ex will communicate that he/she has moved on but it is for you to make that moving on permanent or temporary. There are a few steps that you can take to alter this break up. Here's how:

o Create the need: At this point your ex does not want to be with you or even see you. So leave him/her alone. If you want to reconcile your relationship your main aim is to create your 'need' in your ex's mind.

Doing the disappearing act is one of the best ways of effectively 'creating'that need. After a point your ex will get over his/her bitterness and will begin to wonder about you. Given a little more time, he/she will even begin to miss you.

o Learn to be patient: There will a thousand instances when you will want to break your resolve. Now is not the time to be weak. Remember that this distance is good for the both of you and you too, should make the most out of this time.

Introspection of your 'self' will help you identify the root cause of your breakup and you should use this time to rectify those mistakes. After all, eventually if you do get back with your ex you don't want to make the same mistakes.

o Initiate friendship : After letting a few weeks pass you should take the initiative of talking to your ex to let them know that you want to be just friends. Letting some time pass is essential as you don't want to look like a person who's desperate to get back together and is just using the friendship angle as a means to get to that end.

While on this track let your ex know that you have identified your mistakes and have taken constructive steps to rectify them. Also thank your ex for making you see your mistakes.

o Bury the past : When you do become friends it's best not to bring up the past too often. Refer to the nice times that you spent together, but do so occasionally. Overdoing this can make your ex uncomfortable with your present friendship.

However, never bring up the unpleasant memories. Remember that you are the one who wants to get back together with him/her hence; you shall have to tell your ego to shut up... it's just for a while.

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