How to Read the Male Body Language! Here is How to Figure Them Out Via Their Basic Body Language

Published: 06th August 2010
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Here's a list of all those things that he does that you just don't know why he does or what it is supposed to mean when he does them.

He flashes his eyebrows
It is a rule of attraction that whenever you see someone appealing our eyebrows rise and fall. It works the same way for men, if they like you they will raise their eyebrows. When he lifts his brows it allows more light to reflect off the surface of the eye, making them look bright, large and inviting. If a man does this, it is a sure invitation and message that he likes you.

If his lips part
When a guy likes what he sees, his lips automatically part for a moment.

He strokes his tie or smooths a lapel
This means that he wants to look his best for you. If you are on a date and he is constantly fixing his tie etc, it just goes to show how much he wants to impress you with his looks.

He smooths or messes up his hair
This is usually a bid to make them look more flattering, the method they choose may be telling you what type of man they think you might want.

His eyebrows remain slightly raised while you're talking
This just means he finds you fascinating. It might be very funny to look at and you may be holding back laughter as sometimes they can look so perturbed but it is just because they are anxious or nervous. It is generally a good sign though.

He's checking out your body and is not afraid to let you know that is what he is doing
This means he loves what he sees; he is a direct man and thinks you would make a good sexual partner. He is probably already thinking about all the things he can do with you.

He is playing with the buttons on his jacket, buttoning and unbuttoning it
This can show tow things and even both at the same time, they are;
1. That he is in fact a little or a lot nervous around you and
2. He has an unconscious desire to take off his clothes that is coming out because of how unsettled he is in your presence. He may even open the jacket and put his hands on his hips thus keeping the jacket open.

He touches his face a lot
You may see him stroke his cheek up and down with the back of his fingers while he is looking at you. He may not realize that he is doing this and is doing some sort of preening trying to make sure that he still looks as good as did when he moved from in front of the mirror. He may not only touch his cheeks but also his ears and his lips, if he is touching is lips it is as a result of what is going on in his mind such as actually thinking about kissing you.

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