How to Read a Man's Mind & Know If He is Interested in You Or Not - Sure Fire Ways Which Work Well

Published: 09th August 2010
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Are you confused about weather he is interested in you or not? He looked at you and smiled but never came up to talk to you? You have caught him looking at you a couple of times, but you are still confused. Then here are some few signs which could help you conclude weather he is actually interested in you or not...

Body language...Focus on what he does around you
Body language is the first thing you should notice if you want to know weather a man is interested in you or not. Men like to show rather than express when they like something. So be careful to notice all the tiny details, when he smiles at you, winks at you, glances at you, etc.

Talks to a mutual friend about you
If he is interested in you then he will definitely talk to someone about you preferably someone you also know. He would make sure that you get to know about it.

Flirts around with you
Men are usually pretty bad at hiding their feelings so when they like a woman the first step that they take is start flirting with them. Be observant when he jokes around with you or teases you.

Doesn't miss any chance of talking to you: If he likes you he would want to spend a lot of time with you
If he really likes you then he wont even miss the slightest chance of talking to you, he would appear unexpectedly, try to take you away from the crowd so that he can have some alone time with you.

Glances at you know and then
Don't forget to notice the glances that he gives you; even when you are not looking. He will never miss a chance to gaze at you.

Asks about what you like and dislike
While engaging in a conversation, try to listen carefully of what he is talking about. If he is interested in knowing about your likes and dislikes then definitely he is interested in you as he is trying to get to know you better.

Makes an extra effort to look good around you
If he likes a woman then he would make an extra effort to look good in front of her in order to impress her, this comes naturally. Notice when he fixes his hair, tightens his tie. Notice how he is around with others he will surely make an effort to look his best when you are there.

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