How to Pull Your Ex Back When They Hate Your Guts? Find Out How to Make Them Like You Again!

Published: 07th September 2010
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Your ex seems to hate your guts, and they can't stand to hear your voice. Your ex has even told you that they don't love you anymore, and they don't answer your calls. You can't stand the fact that your ex is ignoring you, and you want to make things right again, but every attempt you make seems to make things worse. Obviously, you at wit's end as to why your ex is avoiding you. Here are a few ways to rekindle that lost spark:

o Stop begging and pleading - This tactic does not work and may cause your ex to run further away from you. If you had just broken up, leave your ex alone for a while with his/her thoughts. Also take this chance to reflect back on your relationship and think about the ways you can do better the next time.

You never know, the time apart may just be the thing your ex needs to realize that he/she can't do without you after all.

o Act cool - Try to act as if nothing bad ever happened. Maybe even tell your ex that it was a good thing that you had broken up. Try to talk about the past problems like they were not a big deal and to think positive about the whole situation.

If your ex sees how cool you are with the whole scenario, then it is quite possible that he/she might get attracted again, this time to your stable personality.

o Have fun - Now is not the time to mourn being single, but to enjoy it! Go on holiday or go out and have fun with your friends. Groom yourself properly, keep fit and enjoy your newly-discovered free time and maybe get a few dates. Doing all this will make your ex re-think the whole situation and might even regret leaving you in the first place.

Be a little spontaneous and don't wait around for your ex, because they know you are waiting around. Instead, go out and do the most random things and have a blast. This will keep your mind off of your ex, and will also show your ex that you are capable of holding yourself together.

o Play a little hard-to-get - Once you had gotten your ex's attention back, it is time to start flirting a little bit, but not too much. Do not give in to his/her whims immediately, but make your ex hunger for a little challenge. Giving your ex mixed signals will keep them on their toes and bring back a little thrill into your recently fizzled out relationship.

This also works simply by dating someone new and doing things which "single" people do. This means flirting, going out, and basically living life again. This will show your ex exactly how "hard to get" you are now, but trust me, this will be very attractive to your ex, and it will make them want you again.

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