How to Pull Your Ex Back When it All Seems Hopeless? Do Not Miss This at Any Possible Cost

Published: 10th September 2010
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Breakup can make a person weak and hopeless and it's normal to experience a grieving period, but not to the extent that ends up in being hospitalized or having suicidal attempts. It is really hard to be in a situation where you have to struggle to resolve the case.

However, there are also ways that you can still save the relationship where you can pull your ex back when seems so hopeless. The following are some tips that can help you bring back the one you love.
Give yourself a break- After the breakup give yourself a time where you can think of good ways on how to fix the relationship. Don't make any phone calls or any means of communication when you have no idea on how to handle the situation. When making any forms of contacting your ex after a nasty breakup can lead to an even worse situation.

Relax and take a break for a while. Let the situation cool off for the mean time and go back when the right time comes. Your ex will not see your value after that break-up but will see you worth only when you don't chaste on them. It is just like the air we breathe, we don't value them but we will know how important it is when we run out of it.

Communicate-When you're ready to make a communication, contact her by sending messages where your ex can attend to such as via email or text messages. Ask her for a date where you can both talk personally about the problem. Ask your ex if he/she has someone new, if none then there's still a room for a change to fix the problem for both of you.

Next, ask your ex if he/she is still willing to fix the broken relationship and go further. If the reply is "Yes", then go on to the next step. Don't be afraid to tell your ex about how you feel on the breakup, how you miss him/her, and how much you wanted to gain him/her back.

Make an Evaluation- Do an evaluation on what went wrong on and before the breakup, in this way you can both evaluate on what mistakes you made. After that, reminisce on the good memories that you have been together to outweigh the bad memories. It will surely make you both long for each others company, and it will surely work!

Take an action- Finally, don't just tell your ex what you can do for her, but show her what you can do to improve. Therefore what can be better is showing him/her the sincerity on the relationship. It will make your ex feel his/her value on you.

In this way, it will erase the heartaches and mends the broken heart that you both have, and makes you feel that you grow because of the learning that you gain on the breakup. What is essential on a relationship is the healthy view to withstand on the ups and downs that you go through with your partner.

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