How to Please a Man & Satisfy Him in Every Way Possible - Learn This Important Skill Right Away

Published: 09th August 2010
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Do men really need pleasing? Shouldn't it be men doing the pleasing and pampering?

Unfortunately, no. Men need it, maybe even more than women because let's face it, women are the emotionally stronger sex. A sexy smile from a woman can topple over the most tough-looking guy and make him meek. However, doing something like this isn't the way to please a man, but how to 'you-know-what' with a man.

To please a man, you must want to do it. Anything forced or done under pressure is going to come out as insincere and manipulative, so don't try to fool him if you don't mean it. It's just going to backfire on you, if not immediately, then eventually.

Cook for him

There are two kinds of men when it comes to money: those that like spending for their women, and those who enjoy being treated out. If you want to please your man, find out if he would enjoy a home-cooked meal, no strings attached. Then, prepare him the meal that would knock his socks out. No, not some strange international cuisine, but good-tasting, belt-busting food that he won't easily forget.

Know what turns him on and surprise him

Most men have a fetish of sorts. If you can pinpoint what your man's special spine-tingling spot is, give him a night he'll wish would never end. Payback time for you is immediate, so no worries, right?

Give him a massage

You don't have to be an expert to be able to massage a man. The fact that he is willing to take off his shirt for you to touch him is a great sign that he's looking forward to your gentle hands on his body. Just don't try massage tricks you've never done before - you could injure him.

Give him space

It would really help if you don't try to make him report to you, and be with you all the time. He needs his own space, and to be with male friends. If he has female friends, accept this and let him enjoy their company. Don't pressure him and he'll be at your front door anticipating quality time with you, instead of feeling like he's on a leash.

Be beautiful
This may sound strange, but men like women who take care of themselves. It makes them proud to be with them, knowing other men are envying them, so put on those strappy heels, and to-die-for dress and make them all drool.

Listen to him

Seriously, listen to him and what he's saying. None of those noncommittal grunting or verbal sounds to make it appear that you're listening. If you aren't interested in what's happening in his life, then why are you with him? If you are in love or in like with him, then be a part of his life, however involved he may want you to be.

Be yourself

Don't pretend to be someone you're not, dress or act like someone you admire. He is with you because you made an impression on him, so please him by being honest with yourself, and in the process, honest with him.

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