How to Play Mind Games to Get Him to Propose! Here Are Some Sneaky Tricks You Simply Can't Miss

Published: 04th August 2010
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Marriage proposal is something very significant to a woman because it means that her beau is serious with her. Nevertheless, some women get frustrated for their man has not proposed yet. There will always come a time in every relationship that women go through this kind of frustration. What they do not know is that there is a trick for every girl to make a man propose.

Talk about the future with him
In every relationship, there is always that chance that the couple with end up together. Women should try to bring up the topic of settling down and starting a family together. Some men would read between the lines and understand that his girl wants to get married soon, thus, he should prepare for the proposal.

Bring him to a jewelry store
Once you bring him to this store, make sure to comment on the engagement rings. Trying out some rings may also give him the idea that you want him to propose. Staring at your engagement ring finger can also make him understand that you want to get married.

Go online together and browse through some wedding websites
This is perhaps the best thing you can do. When he sees that, there is a glimmer in your eyes, then it only means that you want a ring on your finger. As you surf, make the experience happy and memorable for him.

Talk about successful married couples
Point out how Aunt Jane and Uncle Harry have bested many storms in their relationship and remain strong. Also, subtly comment about your newly-married friend Laura and how ecstatic you were when you attended her wedding.

Discuss the strength that being a married couple could bring
Tell him that statistics show that married individuals live longer than those who remain unmarried for the rest of their lives; then wait for him to take the hint.

Leave bridal magazines around
Once he sees that you're going gaga over the latest trends in bridal gowns and cakes, he'll know for sure that you're aching to be with him. Also, once you're done reading these magazines, leave them in places where he'll surely be in later. Once you see him thumb through those pages, you've scored yourself a proposal.

Let him meet members of your family
One great concern for men could be their relationship with their future in-laws. Pacify his fears by taking him to your family and allowing him to realize that they're wonderful and there's nothing that he should be worried about.

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