How to Play Hard to Get With Guys! Learn This & You Will Have the Power to Make Them Like You

Published: 01st September 2010
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Playing hard to get falls in the realm of reverse psychology and if you are wondering what reverse psychology is then you have to only travel back in time a little bit and remember your childhood.

When your mum or dad told you that you are not allowed to posses a particular thing or do a particular thing then that particular object or activity was what you wanted even more. Playing hard to get is very similar to that only in this case you are dealing with the man whom you are going to play the game with.

Here are three ways how you can play hard to get

Show your interest in his types

This is a difficult part of the entire operation. You will have to befriend his friends and extol the guy's virtues. You will have to make it known that you like guys that have all the qualities that he has. If he is the sports loving kind then make it known to mutual friends that you love such type of people that are strong and athletic. If you like a guy that is nerdish but exceptionally brilliant then make it known that you are instinctively attracted to such people.

This will send a signal to the guy that he stands a chance if he does the right moves and he will begin the chase. This is the first step and if you have succeeded in this then the rest will be easy.

Show your indifference

Now that the guy has begun to fancy his chances of netting you, you will have to subtly let him know although you are into his type of guys he is not the one you desire. Through friends and colleagues let him know that although he has all the qualities you are looking for you certainly don't see him in that light.

This will make him more interested in you and he will begin to plot strategies and moves to win you over. All you have to do is send him mixed signals so that he stays in the battlefield and does not throw in the towel.

Offer to be friends

By now your guy will be hovering all over the place where you are and will be available whenever you want a favor. Offer your friendship and make sincere efforts to be a good friend. However, do not become thick friends that he begins to value you more as a friend than a potential mate.

Flirt with him without making it obvious and sooner rather than later he will go down on one knee and ask your hand.

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