How to Persuade a Man to Commit to You! Do it This Way & He is Very Likely to Respond Positively

Published: 10th August 2010
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Most women find it very hard to make their men commit to them on relationship matters. This is because men are in need of constant reminders about how to make their life more meaningful especially when they are blinded by the "game" they usually play. Here are some of the things you need to learn in order to persuade your man to commit to you.

Make Yourself a Part of His Life working to make yourself an important aspect of his life is one way of letting him realize that you are necessary in order for his life to move on. You have to try your very best to be everything he will ever need in this life.

Avoid Pressuring Him into Making a Commitment Nagging your man into committing to you is not very pleasurable for him. It will only make the situation worst and push him away. Men are afraid of commitment, and the last thing they want is someone nagging him into it.

Let Him Know that He is not Your Last Option When men get comfortable in a relationship, they tend to forget the things that they should do to keep the fire burning. You should make him feel in a subtle manner that there are a lot of guys out there who wants you, and you will experience a complete 360 turn in no time.

Make Him Feel Your Worth If your man is already forgetting your weekend movie marathons and all you regular activities in exchange for weekend parties at a bar with his friends, go on a vacation and tell him about tagging along some guy friends of yours. This will make him realize how lonely he will be once he gets home drunk and see no one waiting for him.

Break it to Him Gently Even though men are tough and they have a hard time listening to women, breaking what you want to happen to him gently is an effective way of relaying your message. You have to remember that men have a soft spot for partners who speak to them gently.

Do Not Look Desperate Now that your man knows that you are indispensable and you have options, you have to maintain that kind of status by making him feel that you are not in a hurry for a commitment. Make him realize this on his own.

Gauge His Willingness to Commit Once he has realized that it is time for a serious commitment with you, you should always be there to support him and make sure that he is making the right decision. This is important because you don't want a commitment where he is playing around while you are away.

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