How to Persuade a Man! Here Are the Keys to Developing a Strong Long Term Relationship With Him

Published: 09th August 2010
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One of the most frustrating situations a woman can find herself in is when her man just refuses to commit or go a step further in the relationship. Don't waste any more time and learn how you can persuade your man by these few techniques.

Learn his intentions
Before you go all out to persuade him, you have to learn more about his intentions, interest in you etc. Once you are sure that he is interested and attracted to you - it becomes a lot easier.

Give him attention
Start by giving him equal attention. Talk to him and smile at him. This will make him feel important and attractive too. Learn how to flirt and tease him. This will make him get bolder and approach you more often. Once you are in a position where you are in constant contact with him, you can persuade him to get closer to you.

Find out information
Every bit of information and knowledge you get about the guy is useful and can be used to your advantage. In order to persuade him to take your relationship to another level let him realize that you are a fantastic choice over other women as you share a lot in common.

Get absolutely gorgeous
Once you look beautiful and sexy - you have already won him over. He will not be able to resist you if you lay on the charm pretty thick! Give him a little taste of your scintillating company and he will be hooked. This will make him pursue you.

Encourage him
No matter how beautiful and enticing you are - he could be a little shy and intimidated by your personality and looks. Let him know that it is all right and you would welcome his advances. Let him feel relaxed and confident in your company. This way he will not be shy or hesitate to make advances!

Stop looking desperate
If you are going out of your way to attract him and persuade him into chasing you or take your friendship a step further, and he refuses for some reason or the other, then ignore him for a while. Stop chasing him and looking so desperate and he will come around!

Make him think that he will lose you
If all your efforts seem futile and he still procrastinates then you should let him imagine that he will lose you for good. Get friendly with others and have a ball! Let him notice that you are being chased and pursued by other males. This will make him sit up and take a decision quickly.

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