How to Make Yourself Irresistible to Man! Do This & He Will Be Instantly Glued to You

Published: 01st September 2010
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Having trouble holding on one man while your friends seem to attract guys wherever they are? While some women have a natural flair to attract men and some don't. It does not matter if you fall in the second category - the fact is that you could learn to become irresistible to men. Do not despair, just read these tips and teach yourself how to attract a man.

Know exactly what you want from a relationship
Before you set out to attract men, you should first know what type of relationship you are looking for with a guy. Do you want a relationship that speaks of commitment and marriage or do you just want to go out and date single men without any serious hang-ups regarding commitment and permanent relationships?

You need not have super model looks
You can assure yourself that you can enjoy the romance and love you desire with a man no matter what you look like. Men do look for qualities that go beyond just looks. Concentrate on your personality and attitude.

Exude self confidence
You are not going to be able to attract a guy if you go around looking insecure, needy and desperate. Work on that self-confidence and boost your ego. Walk and talk like you know who you are - a woman of substance!

Let your inner beauty shine through
Basically, it is your talents and characteristics that will make you irresistible or a person to be avoided. Make sure that you stand out as a person who is fun and enjoyable to be with. Men love women who can capture an audience and attract them even if she just happens to be one of the crowd.

Look tantalizing
Most men are attracted to a woman who exudes sensual beauty. A woman who dresses to accentuate her physical assets in a classy manner will always get attention wherever she goes. Get a new wardrobe that shows off your best features. Shining hair and hands and feet that are manicured are a definite turn on.

Make him feel good about himself
A woman who makes the man feel that he is the most handsome, smartest, sexiest, and virile guy around is a clever woman. The man will love you if he can respect you and be proud to have you on his arm.

Be approachable and friendly
No man likes a snob or a woman who seems cold and unfriendly. Men are on the lookout for passionate and friendly women - not icebergs. Smile and cultivate a good sense of humor.

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