How to Make Your Ex-Girlfriend Chase You! It Will Be Possible After You Follow These Simple Tips

Published: 09th August 2010
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Here are seven quick tips that will have your ex-girlfriend chasing after you like a lost puppy.

Ignore her
Nothing will drive her crazy more than not having your undivided attention. Every time she tries to reach out to you, either tell her you're too busy to talk or just don't answer the phone at all. The uncertainty of where you are (and who you're with) will weigh heavy on her mind. It will lead to more calls, text messages, and eventually unannounced visits.

Call, then hang up
Call her, let the phone ring long enough for the caller ID to know who it is, then hang up. When she calls back, apologize for the mix up and tell her you meant to call someone else and politely get off the phone with her. Now, she's wondering who you meant to call.

Show her you've moved on
Go to her place of business with a new woman by your side. You don't have to mention anything to her, or even suggest that the two of you are together. But if she asks, just nod and smile. Never tell her who the young lady is to you. Not knowing will eat her head away, and prompt her to learn more about your mysterious friend.

Take a trip, without her
If you two planned on going on a trip together, don't cancel it. Go without her, have a good time. Chances are she won't go, but if she does, well, that's even better. The idea of you having a good time without her will leave her with insecurities she'll never be able to get over until she knows the truth.

Tell her friends how happy you are
If you have any contact with her friends, give them a call and mention how great things are for you. Again, you don't have to mention that you're with anyone, or if you're serious about another woman. Just the thought of you finding happiness without her will hurt her, and have her wanting to know more about what's going on with you.

Downplay the relationship
If she does manage to corner you and you end up talking, never mention to her that you miss the relationship. Give her the impression that it doesn't matter to you one way or the other that you're not together anymore. Even if it's eating you alive to be near her, you can't tell that.

Use the "F word"
Tell her that you still respect her, and you'd love it if you two could be friends. That one will sting more than the others. The thought of someone you love only wanting to be friends, cuts like a knife, and it will have her following behind you trying to recapture the relationship you lost.

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