How to Make Your Ex Return Your Phone Calls! 3 Sneaky Tricks Which Will Make Them Call You Back!

Published: 07th September 2010
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Ok, we are about to get a bit sneaky here, because your ex has been ignoring you, and won't return your calls! In fact, you can use these 3 sneaky tricks to make your ex call you back....

Make your ex return your phone calls by ignoring them

This is so sneaky, because it literally makes your ex have such a strong psychological reaction, without them realizing it! In fact, when you ignore your ex, they will literally freak out.

Turns out, most people don't like the taste of their own medicine, and your ex certainly doesn't like the taste of being ignored in return! This is because he/she will feel abandoned when you do ignore him/her.

This feeling will in turn lead to many other feelings, and your ex's worst nightmare will start, because he/she will become so afraid of being alone and of not being wanted, that they will literally think about you 24/7 when you are not calling him/her.

Make your ex return your phone calls by making your ex jealous

This is one of the sneakiest tricks I have come across, so use it wisely! In a nutshell, you will want to date someone VERY close to your ex. But this will have to be someone that your ex doesn't particularly fancy.

It could be a colleague, a friend, a family member, or even an ex-friend of your ex. Once you start dating this person, your ex will literally be driven nuts. He/she will hear about you, regardless of whether or not they want to, because it's someone he/she knows!

What will happen the, is that your ex will become jealous. But not your typical type of jealous, this jealousy will literally tear through him/her like a raging fire, because you are dating someone they know, and not only will he/she not be able to stand the thought of you with someone else, but your ex will really despise the fact that it's someone they know!

This will make your ex practically beg you back....and it will also make him/her call you like crazy.

How to make your ex return your phone calls using the SMS trick

If dating someone they know is not an option, you can always use the SMS trick. Send this SMS:

"Tell (Name) I'm single then. I always thought [he/she] was hot! I'm so excited for this date!"

Make sure that the name of the person is the same gender of your ex. For instance, you could use Justin, if your ex was a boy, or Sarah, if your ex was a girl, and voila, you will instantly make your ex curious!

Your ex will call you back with this trick, because he/she will be so jealous!

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