How to Make Your Ex Regret the Breakup & Want You Back? 7 Tips Which Will Help You a Lot

Published: 07th September 2010
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Finally the inevitable has happened and your partner has walked out on you. Although a tragic experience this event should not shatter you to the point that you stop thinking rationally. If you are very much in love with your ex and want him/her back in your life, or if you want to get back at them for dumping you then you will have to create conditions that will make your ex regret the breakup. Whatever your motive, these seven tips will surely help you.

Take your time to ponder over the breakup
Give yourself some time to think over the relationship. Ask yourself whether getting your ex back is really what you want or whether you are better off without him/her. If you feel that you definitely want a loving relationship that will last a lifetime then go ahead and put in a plan of action.

Find out if your ex also feels the same way
To make your ex regret the breakup you will have to make sure that your ex still has some feelings for you. This can be accomplished by connecting with mutual friends and discreetly finding out the state of your ex's mind.

Glow like a flame
You will have to put up a show that you are happy on the outside and from within. Remember your pain and misery is your own and the world has nothing to do with it. So put up a brave face and carry on.

Stay out of sight
You will have to pretend that you have taken the breakup in the right sprit and are moving on. Once you mysteriously disappear out of sight, your ex will begin to wonder about your whereabouts.

Accentuate your appearance
Look gorgeous or handsome all the time. A breakup should not be an excuse for sloppiness. If you look beautiful you will also feel beautiful. Always put your best foot forward after the breakup. Soon your ex will begin to have second thoughts.

Remain friendly and approachable
Show that your breakup has not affected you and remain on friendly terms with your ex. If you radiate happiness and contentment your ex will also be polite and civil with you. However, remember that being friendly does not mean being flirty.

Rekindle the old flame
In your relationship there might have been many bittersweet memories. Subtly remind your ex of the sweet memories by dressing the way he/she likes or wearing a particular outfit that will take your ex back in time when you were madly in love. This will convince your ex that life with you was not all that bad.

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