How to Make Your Ex Girlfriend Chase You! You Don't Have to Worry About it After This Point of Time

Published: 09th August 2010
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Has the girl of your dreams turned it into a nightmare by dumping you? Rather than run after your girlfriend and insult yourself any further, here are some moves on how to make your ex-girlfriend chase you.

Stop that chasing and stalking
In your desperation to win back your ex girlfriend, you might have chased her to her doorstep and stalked her day and night.

The first step is to stop doing that immediately and vanish from the scene for a few weeks. Your ex might be relieved at first but will slowly start to worry about your whereabouts.

Return a changed man
Do not sit and cry during your forced vacation but instead use that time to get a smart makeover that will also pump up your confidence along with your body and your looks.

Return back a changed man and allow your ex girlfriend to see what she has let go so as to make her repent her decision.

Accept the breakup and look ahead
Instead of fighting it in your head, accept the breakup mentally and look ahead in your life. Let your ex girlfriend observe your acceptance since this will now unnerve her that you might simply move on ahead without looking back at her.

Keep yourself distracted
Get back to work, partying and enjoying yourself in the company of friends. Your ex girlfriend will now get jealous after seeing you get back on your feet even as your pained mind and body gets a welcome break.

Remain in sight but ignore her
You should show up at parties where your ex might be present but at the same time avoid chatting up with her. Mingle with other friends and even flirt a little to arouse those green feelings of jealousy within her, while remaining in total control of the situation.

Re-create the past from a distance
You can remind your ex girlfriend as to why she fell for you in the first place, but from a distance. Let her see you in the clothes or hairstyle that attracted her so that feelings of love from the past come rushing out to engulf her body and mind.

Get the message across that you will accept her if she makes the first move
You can get a message across through mutual friends that you might accept her only if she makes the first move.

Your enamored ex girlfriend will now gulp down her ego and come rushing back into your arms again.

These moves will turn the tables around in your favor and make your ex girlfriend chase you instead of the other way around. Use them with confidence and walk into the sunset with your relieved girlfriend in your arms.

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