How to Make Your Ex Girlfriend Chase You! Great Tricks to Make Her Want You More Than Ever

Published: 04th August 2010
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Just because you have broken up doesn't mean that your ex girlfriend is over you. You just need to work smartly and reverse the break up. Here are the things that you need to do if you want to reverse your break up and get your girlfriend to chase you.

Don't take the break up personally
To begin with you need to stop acting like the break up is affecting you. Don't take the break up personally. Be very cool about it. So if she says something like she doesn't want anything serious you need to sound relieved and say that you didn't too. Just look like you are accepting the break up and she will go crazy looking for answers.

Ignore her completely
After you have broken up you need to ignore her completely. Don't give her any attention when you run into her. A polite nod, a smile and a quick hello should do it. When you ignore her she tries to get your attention.

Get friendly with her competition
Nobody likes to be replaced and if you have been close with your ex the last thing that she will want is her competition to get you. So get friendly with the girl she hates the most. Understand that you just need to get friendly, nothing more.

Start looking really good
Look like the break up is doing you a world of good. Start looking really good. Head for some advanced facials, get some new clothes and look dapper. She will begin to chase you again.

Look at dating gorgeous women
If you really want your ex to start chasing you then you have to look like you are moving on. To give the icing on the cake be seen dating women who are gorgeous and obviously better looking than your ex. Your ex will begin to rethink her decision and will start chasing you

Be mature emotionally
Display some bit of emotional maturity. There should be no drunken calling or apologies going out form your side. No matter how desperate you get you have to be strong and have a lot of patience. Giving in too easily will make your ex see through your game and then you will be doing the chasing.

Look like you are having a really good time
Lastly, look like you are having a great time without her. Laugh loudly whenever she is around and make her want to be with you. When you look happy she wants to know why you are so happy and thus begins to chase you.

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