How to Make Your Ex Desperately Want You Back! Psychological Tricks Which Work Stunningly Well

Published: 10th September 2010
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You certainly are desperate to get him or her back, aren't you? However, it seems they are going on with their life and everything is going just fine. What can you do to make him take you back? Read these four tips to make your ex desperately want you back.

No stalking allowed: The last thing you need is a restraining order! So, relax and stop hanging around outside her building or his gym waiting to catch a glimpse of them. Go home, take a nice long shower and think of how wonderful it'll be when you get them back.

Stalking an ex never works. Don't do it. This means no following them around and no calling them a thousand times a day just to see if they pick up the phone. This also goes for text messages.

Diversify, diversify: Your ex will pay attention to you if you change something in your everyday routine. Change your hairstyle or sign up for dancing lessons. Preferably something your ex was interested in. This will spark their interest and will serve as a great way to start a conversation if you bump into each other.

Keep your distance: It's no good to stalk but also not any good if you drop out of sight completely. Call him or her once in a while but remember to keep it short and casual. This way they will keep thinking of you after you hang up and wonder how you can be so calm without them.

Eventually they'll realize this is not what they want and will start to despair!

Life goes on: The best way to make your ex desperate is to act as if you are simply moving on. Once they catch on to the fact that they could really lose you permanently you will surely have them at your doorstep asking you to take them back.

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