How to Make Your Ex Curious About You Again! 3 Tips Which Will Tickle Your Ex's Curious Side!

Published: 07th September 2010
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Curiosity killed the cat, however it will not kill the human. In this case, curiosity is your good friend, which you are going to use to draw your ex back into your life. You see, curiosity can make your ex so nosy, so jealous, and so emotional that he/she won't be able to help but watch you like a hawk just to see what you will do next....

Read on to find out how you can make your ex curious about you.....

3. Tickling your ex's curious side by ignoring them

The first thing you want to do is simply do nothing at all. This means no calling, no emailing, and no bothering your ex. When you avoid them, they will become curious, because they will wonder why you're avoiding them.

This will also knock them off of the pedestal you created for them, and in turn will cause an instant ego issue, because you were always boosting their ego with all of the attention, but now you are not.

This means that the minute you are not boosting his/her ego, they will freak out and will want to know why you are ignoring them, and will be so curious that he/she won't be able to resist it.

2. Making your ex wonder who you are dating

The next way to make your ex curious about you again, is to make them guess as to whether or not you are dating again. The first step to this was to simply ignore your ex, because that will make them think you are in fact seeing someone else, and will also make him/her jealous.

But, the second step to this is to either send them a fake "mistake" SMS, which is addressed to the person you are "now dating", such as:

"Yup Friday sounds good. Can't wait to hold you again! You were so soft last time!"

This will really get your ex curious and make him/her burn, just at the thought of thinking you are holding someone else instead of them.

1. Befriend your ex's friends

This is a fast and quick way to get your ex's attention, and to make them notice you. In fact, your ex will easily become curious when you do this, because they will wonder why you are dating people they know.

This will cause your ex to start watching you like a hawk, and may even make your ex try and stop you from being friends with his/her friends, but this only means your ex is really paying attention to you now.

You may also want to try befriending the "frenemies" of your ex. These are the people your ex hates or dislikes, and by doing this, you will instantly spark up curiosity and make your ex notice you.

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