How to Make Your Ex Crawl Back to You Fast! Your Ex Will Chase You Around After This

Published: 10th September 2010
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Keeping the upper hand in a relationship is a talent, and it needs practice. If you want an ex back in your life, doesn't mean you have to swallow your pride or give up your positions. Here's a few tips that'll make your ex crawl back to you fast.

Get over it and start enjoying your life, and let your ex know about it - loud and clear. Nothing works like not being needed. If your ex wants you even a little bit, he or she will get all worked up over the fact that you're doing so fabulously well, and will come crawling back to claim ownership over the new you.

Strike up a friendship and start spending time with one of your ex's good friends. It's hard enough for an ex to watch the other person start a new relationship, but if it's with a good friend, then it hurts a lot more. And it provides two very important things - First, your new 'friend' will relay back to your ex everything you want conveyed. Second, it gives you a chance to be near your ex without actually having come to meet her or him.

Give your personality a new makeover. That's right - sometimes, it's just a question of staleness. Your ex got bored and wanted a change. It happens. Try to be more engaging, and a more attractive person. Not only will your ex come crawling back, it will also help you do better in other areas in life.

Take an interest in things which your ex likes, but you don't. For example, if your ex likes to jog, but you hate exercise, now's your chance to turn the tables. Start jogging, and if you just 'happen' to bump into your ex while burning the calories, well... act casual. It will intrigue your ex and pretty soon you'll be together, performing other forms of exercise - indoors.

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