How to Make Your Ex Crawl Back to You Fast! You Do Not Want to Miss This at Any Cost

Published: 10th September 2010
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Break ups can be caused due to genuine reasons for certain things that might be standing between each other for a long time. Sometimes even after knowing these you long to have your partner back. The following 4 strategies can make your ex crawl back to you in no time.

Calm Yourself - Firstly after a break up calm down a bit. Recovering from a serious break up can be a long task. Hence take time off and relax. Take a short vacation for a week or two and go out of station. This way your mind will be away from the setback you had. Moreover this can make your ex feel the importance of you. He will long to see you back from the vacation.

Move On - No matter how desperate you are inside to get your ex back do not show that in front of him. Show him that you have decided to move on from this relationship. When you start living your life normally unaffected from the heartbreak your ex will be frustrated. He will also have the fear of loosing you forever and hence will take initiatives to get you back.

Be Social- Go out more with friends. Hang out more with your family to give them time. Widen in social circle further to feel better. Also start dating other partners when you feel you are comfortable. This can cause some amount of curiosity in the mind of your ex. He will be surprised to see how fast you recovered from the break up. Soon he will crawl back to you making efforts to attract and draw your attention.

Change Yourself Totally - Think of the things your ex did not like about you like the way of dressing, hairstyle, your mental attitude on certain issues. Go for a makeover and change your outward appearance totally. Stylize yourself to feel completely new. He will soon notice the change and fall in love with you again.

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