How to Make Your Crush Fall in Love With You! Don't Worry - You Don't Have to Do Anything Outrageous

Published: 09th August 2010
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Crushes are innocent admiration. Having a crush is simple. You're human and your capacity to admire the opposite sex has been instilled in you since the day you were born.

Crushes are common among teenagers. Those teeny bopper romances and summer flings are one of the best memories a teen can carry throughout her lifetime. Now, to go ahead and make your crush fall in love with you, here are some tips (although these are applicable to the late bloomers as well):

Do not try too hard.

Remember that a person can see right through when you are trying to be someone that you are not. Do not make it seem like you really are who you're pretending to be. Think of the consequences when he finally does fall in love with you.

Do not wear make up more than you should.

At a tender age, you must enjoy beauty that's young and natural. Skip the heavy makeup and stick to the natural look. A little blush and gloss can go a long way. Remember that being youthful is beautiful.

Do not dress past your age.

Being a teen, you must look like a teen. You can leave the heels to the older girls. And if you're already matured, wear what's appropriate for your age. It's all about knowing what suits you which makes a man turn his head and consider you.

Have a youthful aura.

This is the time to be adventurous. Go and have fun and let him witness that you are a fun loving person. Youth comes with energy. This is the perfect time to be active in sports and hobbies.

Show your confidence.

With a young age comes a daredevil attitude. This is when you are hungry to try risks and gain new experiences. Show your confident side and make him or her see that you are comfortable with your skin. Be the bubbly and radiant person that you are. Age is just a number so go and be confident no matter how old or young you are.

Be spontaneous in all the things that you do.

Being spontaneous offers the other person different sides of you. Let him peel you layer by layer until he or she discovers your true self. It is very interesting to find a person that keeps you guessing from time to time.

Let him be the hero.

Boys wants to be heroes, girls want to be saved. Fits just right? Be a girl and act like a girl. If he tries to help you, let him. Allow him to be the knight in shining armor which all men would die to play. Be the damsel in distress whom he always wants to save.

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