How to Make Your Boyfriend Spend More Time With You! This Will Persuade Him to Be With You

Published: 11th August 2010
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It is so common to find your man running after you vying for your attention all the time before you become his girlfriend. But soon after you find the tables turned and you become the one wanting to spend time with him but he is not around. If you want your boyfriend to spend more time with you, here's what you need to do.

Be drop dead gorgeous
You have to look gorgeous always. The moment he feels that you are letting go of the way you look because you are so comfortable with him, he will begin to stay away. This is also a reason why men lose interest in their girlfriends because they feel like they have been taken for granted. Also, you have to look like you can attract competition for him and that will want him to spend time with you.

Have a full life
Wanting to spend all your time with him is only going to push him away. Instead, have a full life with your friends and make your boyfriend feel like he is a part of your life and not your entire existence.

Don't be an attention seeker
Quit the drama queen act and grow up. Stop looking for attention all the time and you will see that you are getting it. It can be very annoying to be with a woman who is so insecure.

Have an amazing sense of humor
Make him want to spend time with you because he has such a good time. Have an amazing sense of humor, laugh and make him laugh. He will want to spend time with you as you won't be always talking about the future or his behavior.

Don't fight
Most couples fight a lot. They use small and insignificant issues and blow them out of proportion just so they can get the other person to admit that they are wrong. It's some weird power play on that makes a couple inseparable yet insufferable. So don't fight and learn to laugh off insignificant things.

Don't doubt him
You also have to trust him in order to make your boyfriend spend time with you. If you are constantly making him feel like he is cheating on you or might just do so, then you are inviting trouble. Instead, trust him and make him feel like you value his integrity and he will begin spending more time with you.

Let his have his alone time
Ditch the Siamese twin act and let him be. Only if you do so will he want to spend time with you.

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