How to Make Your Boyfriend Fall in Love With You? Here is the Formula You Should Apply Right Now

Published: 01st September 2010
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Attraction is all about making a good impression, which is quite possibly the reason why you had managed to land yourself a new boyfriend. Unfortunately, dating somebody exclusively does not necessarily mean that the guy loves you. So what do you do to make your boyfriend fall in love with you? Here are 5 ways.

Basing the relationship on trust is a good. If you are in a new relationship, then you are still in the process of getting to know each other. Let your boyfriend know that he can tell you anything and that you will not be biased or judgmental towards anything he has done. If he knows he can trust you, then he will become very appreciative of you and will try to keep you with him.

Keep your self-assurance and try to feel good about yourself consistently. If you show your boyfriend that you are independent enough and capable of handling things on your own, then he will definitely be impressed. Being clingy and hanging on to your boyfriend at all times will only make him struggle to get away from you. Do not call him every two minutes when he is out with the boys and get together with your own friends to keep you occupied.

Behind every great man is a woman. Be your boyfriend's personal pep squad and try to support him at what he does. If he knows that he can turn to you when his mood is low, then it means that he relies on you. He will be grateful for the regular ego-boost and will learn to depend on you for other things as well.

Too serious is boring. Try to make your boyfriend laugh every so often, that he would want to hang around you all the time. Crack jokes or ask him to go on mini-adventures with you and keep him guessing on what you would do next. Doing things like this will spice up your relationship and he will not give him the chance to wander off into some other woman's arms.

Do not let yourself go and keep him on his toes. Many women fall into the trap of getting too comfortable when they have settled into a relationship. They stop grooming themselves, become overweight and start becoming slobs. Avoid this and keep your boyfriend attracted to you, or he might run off with the next pretty girl that comes along.

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