How to Make Sure a Man Never Loses Interest in You? Here is How to Keep Him Committed to You

Published: 01st September 2010
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Having a man love you can be quite easy but keeping him interested may be a challenge. Many relationships do not last long mainly because the players have fallen out of love or the relationship has become monotonous, they do not find it interesting anymore. So they fail. It is of importance to know how to keep your guy hooked. In this article, you will learn some of the things that you can do to keep your man interested with you:

Take good care of yourself. Having several kids and the extra weight that goes with it doesn't mean you can't be beautiful and attractive. Many women find it no longer necessary to dress well when taking care of a family and running a household.

That's a no-no. One does not have to go for the latest trends to look good, even simple outfits can bring out the best in you. You don't even have to wear a lot of makeup to look beautiful. A neatly combed hair and a little lipstick can actually do the trick. To some guys, women are trophies. It may sound really shallow but it's true. They want their women well-maintained. So try to look your best all the time no matter how simple.

Leave some mystery and keep him guessing. Letting yourself out totally to him may become boring. I am not saying you keep secrets from your guy, but keeping something about you will give him something to uncover for himself. Keep him intrigued. Remember, you need to maintain his interest in you.

Engage in interesting activities. Men love twists. If your relationship becomes monotonous and you're doing the same activities over and over again, chances are he'll get bored and lose interest. To keep your guy interested, engage in activities where you can have plenty of opportunities to communicate so you both will be able to know more about each other.

Don't stop flirting and attack once in a while. Show him you're interested too. It may not help if your guy is always the one making the first moves. Don't be afraid to let out that kitten in you. It may be helpful to be aggressive at times and this will totally flatter him. For all you know, he's just waiting to be the prey to be devoured this time.

Surprise your man. By this time you already know his interests. If your guy is nuts about cars, surprise him by taking him to the car show or buy him a subscription of his favorite magazine. Little things like this will definitely make him crazy over you.

It is necessary that you know of ways to keep your guy for good. This will greatly help you both to have an honest and long lasting relationship..

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