How to Make My Husband Come Back Into My Life Again! Do These Before It's Just Too Late For You

Published: 09th August 2010
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It can be frustrating and very depressing when one has to think of ways to make her husband come back. But the good thing is that you have not given up. That's the positive form which you should draw your strength and begin working on trying your husband to come back. Remember it's a mind game that you have to play so gear up to make him "want" to come back to you.

Stop nagging
One of the main reasons that men take a walk and don't return is because they just can't deal with all the nagging wives do. Quitting nagging is a process that you will have to start now else there is no point in working towards getting your husband to come back.

Quit blaming him for everything
It's OK to be angry and bitter but if you want to get your husband to come back home then you have to stop blaming him for everything. Let go of the bitterness inside you and try to look at the situation objectively. Assess what role you played that your relationship headed southwards. For example, if your husband cheated on you, was it because of the lack of intimacy? Get your facts in place so that you can deal with the situation better.

Disconnect for a while
If you have been trying to talk to your husband and make him see the light of the day then now would be a good time to disconnect for a bit. Give him some space and thinking time so that he too can see the change in his life.

Be a little elusive
Playing a little hard to get and being a little elusive always helps to draw attention. So let your husband's calls go unanswered and refuse to meet him a couple of times stating that you are busy. Get him to want to meet you.

Start taking care of yourself
Use this time to start looking good and taking in some advanced treatments that offer great solutions to make you look good. Try chemical peels, laser treatments or some liposuction to look dramatically different. Make your ex feel like the separation is doing you good.

Get a little social
Show him that your world is not just him. Make him feel insecure and a bit insignificant by getting on with your social life. Begin meeting new people and see how your husband begins to contact you.

Look like you are moving on
Begin hanging out at places where you are likely to meet people your age. When this happens your husband will want to come back as you will be a prize that he now has to fight for and get back else you will replace him with someone else.

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