How to Make My Ex Miss Me Like Crazy! Here Are the Points You Must Act on Right Away

Published: 04th August 2010
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After a messy breakup you have realized that your ex was the perfect partner you could have had. You realize that but have no clue how to get him/her back with you. Well, if you do these seven things honestly and sincerely, your ex will come back to you like crazy.

Do the vanishing act
This might sound clich├ęd but is probably the most effective way of getting over hard and hurt feelings for either party. The time you spend away from your ex will help you think clearly and will also help your ex realize your true worth.

Come back looking good
The time spent away from your ex is better utilized if you take good care of yourself. Get your looks in order and pamper yourself when you are away. A change in wardrobe and style will do you no harm. Loosing weight and toning are the best ways to boost your confidence levels. Not only do you look good but you will also begin to feel good.

See your ex on and off
Once you are back start appearing before your ex on and off. Don't hang around your ex too much but just make an appearance and then disappear. Try and attend parties and social dos that your ex is likely to attend. However, make a swift exit without announcement.

Third party help
Common friends and family members are your best bets. Manipulate your acquaintances in such a way that they begin to talk about you fondly. However, you will have to be discreet while you do this or else it will back fire big time.

Remain resilient
All this acting up is going to take its toll on you and there will come a time when you would want to give it all up. Giving up now will put a spanner in all the hard work so remain strong and committed.

Stay cheerful
You have to look happy and content if you want your ex to miss you. He/she should marvel at, and envy your evident happiness. This will make them want to be a part of the fun you are having.

Play hard to get
By now your ex will begin hitting on you. He/she will call you, text you, or leave romantic messages on your answering machine/voice mail. Avoid the temptation to call back and act busy. Once your ex realizes that you are now a busy body he/she will begin to miss you like crazy.

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