How to Make My Boyfriend Marry Me! Here is How to Make Him Get on His Knee & Propose

Published: 01st September 2010
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Tough question. Short of coercing someone to marry you by telling "pa" about your rump in the barn, you'd be hard press to make someone marry you. In this day and age, getting married is a well-thought of process. Unless you are some kind of a movie star who marries today and divorces the following week, then you very well know that getting married is not a light matter.

If you have been going out with your fiancé, then you have every reason in the world to make him take the final plunge. How do make your fiancé marry you?

Ask him. Tell your man that you and he have been together for eons now and you guess that it's about time that you move either forward or backward. Tell him that your status cannot be forever as fiancé/fiancée. Something (or someone) has to give.

Make your man realize that you are the ONE. Tell your man that you are thinking of going on a vacation by yourself. If he asks why tell him that you need time to think about life and all its trappings. Act as if you are in doubt about the relationship. Leave if you must and let your man miss you.

When you come back he'd either be on his knees asking for your hand in marriage or he could be out with another girl with nary a thought about you. You know what to do.

Act on it. Show your man what a great team you will be. Let him realize that he cannot live without you. Show him what you are and what more you can be.

Make it easy for him for him to pop the question. Invite him for a candle-light dinner or have a night stroll in the park. Go on a weekend getaway and make sure he has all the opportunity to pop the question.

Make him feel all your love. Express your love, devotion and happiness to your man. Let him know in so many words that you are ready to commit to him for a lifetime.

If none of these work, then your man is not yet ready to marry. A man needs to be emotionally mature before he could take the plunge. However, if you and your boyfriend have been together for decades and you are pushing forty what the heck are you doing with a man who in all likelihood will never ask you to marry him?

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