How to Make My Boyfriend Marry Me! Here is How to Make Him Get an Intense Desire to Propose

Published: 23rd August 2010
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There are times when you have a perfectly blissful relationship with an amazing person but you still have a problem...because your relationship is not going anywhere. You want to get married but your boyfriend feels like there is no rush to step up a bit and tie the knot. So, if you want to change that here are a few ways that could help you to get your boyfriend to marry you.

Don't put pressure
Putting unnecessary amounts of pressure on your man and going on saying "marry me, marry me" is not going to take you anywhere close to what you want. In fact that will just send out warning signals to your boyfriend and make him run miles. The idea is to get him to realize that he wants to marry you because he loves you, not because he is forced to do so.

Send mild signals
Start sending him mild signals by talking about friends who are getting married or who have recently got married. Talk about the blissfully wonderful time they are having and how fortunate one is to get an opportunity to spend his or her life with someone that they love. He should get the drift.

Talk about the future
Begin talking of the future with him, like the type of house that would suit both your personalities, the type of home décor, weave in a kid's room, or talk about investing money or buying an asset with him. This will get him thinking long term and you will also know how his mind is working.

Go off on a holiday
If your boyfriend is still not catching your drift then go off on an exotic holiday...alone. Don't call him too much while you are there. Let his insecurity work on him and let him see how his life is going to feel like if you are not there.

Do fun things without him
Start doing things that he likes to do but without him. He should be able to see what a fun person you are and what a good time he would be having with you.

Get on a job search
Start looking for a job outside the city. If he asks you why you can talk to him about the future and make him see that you have to see how your life will grow.

Hand him an ultimatum
If nothing else works then hand him an ultimatum. Tell him that as much as you love him you have to know that you are not wasting your time, energy and love.

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