How to Make My Boyfriend Marry Me? Here Are the Super Effective Tips to Make Him Marry You

Published: 01st September 2010
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Most guys have a really tough time committing to any long-term commitment and you will need to be sure that your boyfriend will agree to marry you before you walk on that delicate path.

If you have been thinking on ways on how to make my boyfriend marry me, then these tips will ensure that you emerge out of that path with a gleaming rock on your finger.

Throw subtle hints If you ask your boyfriend to out-rightly marry you then you might only observe a wisp of smoke as he scoots out of your life faster than you can spell "marriage". You need to throw very subtle hints such as mentioning a particular place where you would like to get married before observing his face for a reaction.

Mention recent marriages You can also mention names of close friends that might have just gotten married after a brief courtship and then watch your boyfriend's body language and face for any positive indication that might indicate if he too is thinking about marriage, more specifically with you.

Keep him surprised Instead of allowing your relationship to get into a rut, keep your man surprised and excited by making spontaneous changes that you are sure your man will love. This will convince him that you are the only one that understands him and can keep him happy in the future.

Set up a deadline only for yourself Instead of giving a deadline to your man for marriage and watching him bolt like a deer before a hunter, indicate to your man that you would be waiting only until a certain age before you plan to settle down in marital bliss. This will compel your man to propose to you while absolving you of any wrongdoing since you will not be pressurizing him directly.

Inform him that the date to start a family is slipping by You can inform your boyfriend that the date to bear kids is slipping by and you will not be able to bear kids without substantial risks in the future. If he too wants to have children then he will surely pop the magic question.

Wait for another proposal If you have another suitor pursuing you then this could be easier than anticipated. If the other suitor proposes first, then expect your boyfriend to rush into the ring of marriage with a wedding ring and a scraped knee.

Discuss the pros and cons If you have been in a long relationship with your man then you can probably discuss the entire issue before any proposals are made from either end. Your man can now make an informed decision once he knows about the pros and cons of marrying you.

These tips will certainly bring your man down on one knee and make him propose to you. However, these tips will also ensure that both of you are ready for marriage so that both of you have a happy life ahead as you walk hand-in-hand down the path of holy matrimony.

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