How to Make Him Want to Propose! Your Man Will Want to Be With You For the Rest of Your Life

Published: 23rd August 2010
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If you have been dating your man long enough and are getting sick and tired of waiting for him to propose, then all you got to do is give him a "push" in the right direction. It is not so difficult to get your man to pop the question if you are determined enough. These tips will help you.

Don't rush it
Its only natural to want and rush things. But it would be the biggest mistake to try and force him to propose. Before making him propos, you have to make the guy want to have you as his spouse. Once you do that he will naturally propose.

Break down walls
Check out the walls that have been built unconsciously or consciously between you. Make all efforts to get rid of them. This means that you have to allay all fears and doubts that he might have regarding marriage. Try to dispel all anxieties and he will be more willing to propose.

Read between the lines
This means that you should try to intercept and understand any signal or vibe your man has been giving you. Have you been blind and deaf to his signals? This is the easiest way to know if he is ready for marriage or not. Talk about children, the future etc and watch his reaction.

Get him to spend more time with you
Once your guy likes spending time with you rather than being with the "boys" it shows that he is ready for commitment. Speak to him about your future plans and soon he will wonder if he is going to be a part of them. This will prompt him to envisage a future with you.

Show him that you are trustworthy
No man likes to have a spouse who he has to keep his eyes on. A cheating spouse is considered to be a curse. Prove that you love him with all your heart and that you will stay faithful to him and he will want you as the mother of his kids in no time at all!

Give him an indirect ultimatum
If he seems to be taking his own sweet time to propose, show him you are not happy with the situation. Get into the social scene and send him subtle messages that indicate that you consider yourself "free" as there is no real commitment between the two of you. This is one of the fastest ways of making him realize he wants you forever and propose!

Show him what he'll be missing
You can give him a taste of what it would be like if you were not in his life. Chances are he's going to hate the idea. Prove that you are indispensable. Rather than let you walk away, he is going to pop the question soon enough.

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