How to Make Him Want to Marry You? Do This & He Will Naturally Want to Marry You Real Fast

Published: 11th August 2010
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Men and marriage are like chalk and cheese. It is so difficult to persuade a guy to marry you. But what most women don't know is that in order to get the man to marry you, you have to make "him" "want" to marry. Here are a few things that you can do so that he feels that he has to have you in his life.

Become indispensable
Begin with becoming an indispensable part of his life. You have to earn his trust and become his support system. Make him open up to you and make him feel like he can talk about anything under the sun to you and won't be judged. This type of comfort level has to be established so that he wants to have you around him always.

Love him unconditionally
Make him feel that your love for him is unconditional. Men always come across women who love them for some reason. Be the one who loves him for no reason. Just love him for what he is, despite what he is. It is this passion that men respond to.

Make him miss you
Now that you are a part of his life you have to make him miss you. It is only then that he will realize all that you are to him and what all you actually stand for. He will realize your worth. So go on a holiday by yourself and don't call him all that much.

Don't give up your independence
Being in a relationship does not mean that you will give up on your independence. Don't be his doormat. Have a life of your own. Depend on him emotionally but don't use him like an emotional crutch. He will be comfortable with you and will not hesitate to take the plunge.

Value his space
You have to learn the value of his space in a relationship. Do not think that he likes you going through his stuff or deciding that you will tag along when he wants to be with his guy friends. Make sure that you never step over the invisible space boundary and he will want to marry you.

Don't be overt but begin to hint at what you might be thinking about your relationship with some hints. Talk about people getting married or engaged. Talk about life after they have been married etc. Ease him into the zone and make him see that he wants to marry you.

Don't act desperate
You act desperate and he will see a red flag and run. Keep your calm at all times be patient and you will be rewarded

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