How to Make Him Want to Marry You & See You As His Future Wife - Vital Tips You Should Know

Published: 06th August 2010
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So you find a man and you are hopelessly in love with him. He too is committed to you but is just refusing to propose to you. If this sounds like your story then read on and find out what you can do to get him to marry you.

Keep the pressure off
Every relationship has a natural progression graph. If you try to rush things when the time is not right then you will end up spoiling this graph. So back off for a bit and don't put much pressure on him. The minute he sees the pressure coming you turn into a manic, desperate woman from a loving girlfriend.

Find out where his reservations lie
You need to start talking about other people and their relationships and get an understanding of what your man is thinking. You need to understand where his reservation is. Is he not ready to settle because he's been in or seen a bad relationship or is it because he feels there still are many more fish in the sea.

Understand his problem
Try to understand the problem that he has and look at it from an objective manner. Find out why he feels that you are not 'the one' or his fears for your relationship. Once you get these answers you he will want to marry you.

Ease him into your thoughts
Now all this while you have been talking to him objectively using others as sources to communicate what you feel. Once you get a clear understanding of his feelings, tell him that you would like to get married eventually. Not now, not even tomorrow but eventually. Make him see that you really love him and will wait for him. Your selfless attitude will make him want to marry you

Work on your intimacy
Intimacy plays a very big role in bringing people closer. So work on that front of the relationship and be uninhibited. Get physically and emotionally closer and you will find that he will want to marry you.

Get him to depend in you
Be his pillar of strength. Get him to depend on you completely. Make him feel that you are the stabilizing factor that his life needed. Be optimistic, positive, happy and non judgmental. Make him feel free with you and you will find that he will want to marry you.

Now, go on a short trip, alone
With all this done, go off on a short trip all by yourself. Make your man feel your absence so that he realizes what his life will be without you and you will see that he will want to marry you soon enough.

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