How to Make Him Want a Relationship? Here is How to Make Your Man Want a Relationship With You

Published: 01st September 2010
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If you have been quite friendly with a guy and want to take it to the next level by entering into a relationship with him then you will need tact and patience if you do not want to frighten him off.

Instead of pleading with him to enter into a relationship, make him want a relationship by using these un-patented moves on him.

Make him feel happy around you. You should make him feel not only happy but also comfortable around you. Over time he will surely realize that life is at its best when you are around and this will prompt him to pop that crucial question.

Show your interest in him but keep it at that level. You can indicate to your guy that you are interested in him but snip the conversation at that point. Let him get mystified by your actual intent and this mystery will compel him to run after you.

Do fun things together. Take a little effort to find out what he likes doing and do those activities only if you are comfortable. Once both of you begin enjoying these activities together he will not like it when you sometimes make a miss and this will make him realize that the activity is fun only when you are a part of it.

He will now want a relationship once he realizes that you make his life better.

Take a small break. Instead of popping up in his face all the time, take a small break but remain in telephonic touch. If he truly likes you then he will surely start to miss you after a few lonely days and also tell you so, on the phone. You can now expect him to ask you into a relationship once you return.

Do not give in mentally or physically. If you think that by turning into a doormat or opening up physically to him, he might want you in a relationship then this could just have an opposite effect.

He will lose all respect for you, take you for granted or just use you until he finds another victim. Keep your head high and remain confident that if he has truly fallen for you, he will surely want a relationship with you.

Let him watch others fall over you. There can be no other catalyst than a guy watching a girl that he likes being approached by another guy or guys. If another guy is besotted by you then your original he-man will surely burn rubber to reach you first and ask your hand in a relationship.

Have patience. Instead of forcing him into a relationship that will fall flat at the first argument, have patience and communicate clearly with him in a calm manner. Let him hear your viewpoint without any dramatics involved.

He will surely swerve towards your way of thinking and look towards a bright future if he is besotted by you.

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