How to Make Him Open Up to You! Here is How to Make Him Share His Feelings Without Hesitation

Published: 01st September 2010
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You can talk for hours as you seem to never run out of things to say. You can share your innermost feelings, your hopes and dreams and probably what you ate for lunch while your man barely says a word about himself. You may know a lot about your man in terms of generalities but you want to know more. You want him to open up to you. Men are not predisposed to talk about their feelings.

Society and culture have dictated that men are not supposed to be too open with their emotions. There was a time that men who cried were frowned upon. Not anymore though. It is now alright for men to show and act out what they feel but still, there are men who keep mum when talking about themselves. How do you make your man open up to you?

Open up to him first. When an opportunity presents itself, feel your way if your man is ready to hear about your innermost feelings and thoughts. If might be unfair to load him too much information when in reality he is not that interested.

Timing is important. You will not be able to tell your man to sit down for a heart to heart talk. Men are non-confrontational and having a face-to-face conversation would make your man run as far as he could just to avoid you. Engage your man in a light conversation while you and he are busy doing other chores. He might actually share some of his feelings as he does not feel obliged to talk.

Really listen. If you are still talking then you are not listening. Just because your man is not that open regarding his feelings you are at liberty to constantly talk and express your feelings. Stop and listen. He might not be talking verbally but his eyes or body language might be saying something.

Don't talk about the past. Girls have the tendency to find ways to bring up the past in every serious conversation. Stop reciting a litany of past grievances. Men do not like this kind of scenario. They retreat from this type of conversation. Be wise and stop rewinding. Fast forward.

Give him space. Do not smother your man with pleas to open up to you. The more you ask him to open up the more he will recoil. Give him space and he'll open up when he is good and ready.

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