How to Make Him Open Up to You! Here Are the Sure Fire Ways to Make Any Guy Open Up to You Fast

Published: 11th August 2010
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One of the most common complaints women have is that their men are too taciturn and "closed". They find it difficult to open up and bare their thoughts and feelings whereas women find it extremely easy to do so. If you are looking for ways to make your man confide in you, then take a look at these tips which will help you.

Understand your guy
This is the most important step towards getting your man to open up. He hesitates to talk about his feelings and emotions because he's probably afraid of looking "weak". Men are supposed to be strong and have a "stiff upper lip" and confiding their innermost feelings and end thoughts could make them feel insecure.

Make him feel safe with you
As much as women love to feel secure, so do men. Make him feel loved and totally secure in your presence. Don't push him to reveal his thoughts. Instead praise and compliment him. Be gentle and encourage him to relax with you. Once there is no pressure from your side, he will slowly but surely open up.

Timing has to be right
There is a time for everything. Just as there is a right time to zip your lips and shut up, there is a time to open up and talk. The trick is to know WHEN. If you know your man inside out, then you should know just when he seems to be more vulnerable and open to your gentle prodding. Wait for the right moment and get him to confide in you.

Togetherness is sublime
Opening up and confiding in one another will only come when there is a high level of "togetherness and bonding". Share special, romantic and intimate moments with him. These times will form the basis of deeper intimacy and trust. Once he trusts you implicitly he will open up to you.

Take time to listen
If you haven't been listening to him in the past, there is no way he is going to open up to you now. He will feel that it is no use sharing his deepest desires, fears or emotions with you if he has been receiving no encouragement from you in the past. Show him that you really care about his side of the story and he will readily open up to you.

Don't criticize or judge
In the same way, if you have been too critical of him in the past, he is obviously going to hesitate to talk to you and disclose his feelings. The best way to get him to trust you is never to criticize and judge him. Remember you are not perfect so don't expect him to be.

Don't bring up the past
Women who harp on their past experiences, boyfriends, relationships etc will definitely frighten her man and literally stop him from opening up in case he too would be one day discussed or considered a "terrible ex"!! Leave the past alone and respect your guy. He will open up to you willingly.

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