How to Make Him More Affectionate Towards You? Here is What Every Woman Should Know

Published: 01st September 2010
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Men usually like to project a tough image and sometimes it can get a bit frustrating especially when you are the one dating such a man.

Here are some really cuddly tips on how to make him more affectionate while enabling him to retain his macho-ness at the same time.

Hold his hand for support. While walking with him over uneven ground hold his hand for support. Although he might not be very comfortable at first, he is sure to like it especially when you comment on how you need his support.

His inhibitions will slowly recede and he might just hold your hand the next time you approach a rough patch while walking.

Leave naughty thank you notes. If your man has shown a little affection then leave a naughty thank you note where he can find it. This will encourage him to commit many such acts in the future and also keep the relationship in "interesting" mode at all times.

Remember to thank your man. Instead of nagging your man to do more and making him even more hostile in return, remember to thank him for those small moves of affection that might have invariably slipped out of him.

This could just be the encouragement that he needs to become even more affectionate.

Trick him into holding a baby. Whenever you visit a friend that has just had a baby, trick him into holding that baby for a little while.

All his macho-ness will evaporate the minute he holds that baby in his arms as feelings of warmth and cuddly love wash over him. You will truly notice a positive difference after that experience.

Initiate operation hugs and cuddles. Instead of nagging him or pressurizing him, take the initiative to initiate operation "hugs and cuddles". He will surely like it when you embrace him warmly in private and very soon he too will feel comfortable enough to show more affection towards you, even in public.

Know the limits. It is okay to ask your man to be more affectionate but you should also know when to draw the line. If you expect your man to literally grope you in public or shove his tongue down your throat then that could be asking for too much.

Holding hands or one another's waist, or a light kiss on the cheek might be could be achievable with your man easily but expecting too much could seem downright crass.

Keep communicating openly. Do not drop the affection bomb on your shy or reluctant guy but instead inform him in advance what you might like him to do more.

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