How to Make Him Miss You More! He Will Always Feel the Need to Be With You When He Isn't With You

Published: 10th August 2010
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If you're already in a relationship, doesn't it feel good to know that your boyfriend misses you? Being missed only means that you are somebody important to the person who's longing for your presence. Look at the steps below on how to make a man miss you more:

Leave your scent on his pillow

Without him knowing, dab or spray a small amount of your perfume on his pillow. Make sure that this scent is the one that he would associate with you-one that you always wear when you two date out. At night before he dozes off to sleep, he'd smell your enticing scent and will be thinking only of you.

Give him a token

Surprise him with a little present like a figurine or a picture of you that he can place on the headboard. Each time he glances upon it, he'll remember you right away and wonder what you might be doing at the moment. You can also hang a framed picture of you both on his bedroom to remind him how you look so perfect together.

Wish him a good night

Make it a habit to call him just before you sleep just to say good night. Make the call brief. Do it every night and in no time, he'll get used to it and every night when he's in bed, he will always look forward to that sweet and brief call. He will not just miss you but he'll get to love you more as well.

Don't text him too often

Give time for the two of you to be away from each other sometimes. Give him the chance to miss you. He'll miss you more if you're not together. Get him to feel the excitement of feeling butterflies in his stomach waiting for you when you finally plan to see each other.

Send him a love letter

It's still very heartwarming to receive the old-fashioned way of letting a person know how much he is valued. It would surprise him and, at the same time, bring him joy as he reads a hand-written letter from you.

Leave him a note

Try to visit him in the office and try to slip a note in his Filofax saying how much you love him. Call him during the most stressful part of his day and ask him to check his organizer. When he sees your note, he'll surely be relieved of stress.

Appreciate him

Praise him for doing something good or simply tell him how thankful you are to have him in your life. Appreciation makes a man feel good about himself. When he knows you appreciate even the simple deeds he's done, he'll have self-worth and a kind of security that would not be easily taken away.

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